First and foremost is the company licensed and insured?

Yes we are proudly licensed and Insured. 

How do you clean the windows?

The frequency of service is always up to you. For residential, we suggest a frequency of every 3 months having the outsides cleaned. Have the insides cleaned every 6 months. This will make you the envy of the neighborhood. For commercial locations, it depends more on the type of business. If you own a restaurant, have the windows cleaned weekly, or at the very least, every two weeks.  For retail or office space, once a month or every two months is appropriate. As you know in the end, budget and priority are the ruling factors.

Do I need to be home?

First time customers are strongly urged to be home. We would like you to see how we perform the services, and to be available for any questions.

Do I have to be home for outside only window washing or gutter cleaning?

No, we will do the work for you and leave a bill in the mailbox and you we can come back to collect the payment.

Do you service on weekends?

Yes, we are available to service your home seven days a week.

How do I count windows?

Each window counts as one window, no matter how big or small please refer to the window picture list.

How do you clean gutters and will you clean up the mess?

We have several methods depending on how far the roofing overhangs the gutters and the type of debris in the gutters. One method we use is a gutter tool that attaches to the end of a pole so we can pull the debris to us and remove it by hand. 

Why should I have my gutters cleaned?

Gutters need to be cleaned regularly in order to prevent the debris from blocking the flow of water. Clogged gutters are often the cause of water damage that can run up high repair bills or remain unnoticed until an inspector finds the damage and adds a complication to the sale of your home.

Why do I need to professionally power-wash my home?

The critical reasons why your home should be power-washed professionally are (1) health, (2) to prevent material damage from buildup, and (3) aesthetics or curb appeal.

How often should my home be power-washed?

Essential Window Washing can put you on a 2-, 3- or 5-year cycle depending on the humidity and other factors of your residential area.

Can power washing damage my home?

Inexperience is the greatest detriment. Even though the science of power washing or pressure washing is simple at a glance, hiring people without years of experience can be very costly. Using the wrong power washing tips and improper application of solutions or wrong solutions can cause streaking, modeling, or water could be driven into soffits, vents, weep holes and behind the siding. With 10 years of experience and thousands of jobs, Essential Window Washing ensures a quality job that is safe and free of novice and detrimental mistakes. Essential Window Washing routinely corrects and repairs damaged siding from inexperienced companies. If you have had this experience or know someone who has, many times it can be corrected if on vinyl or aluminum siding. Wood may require more complicated restoration.

What time of day can I schedule service?

8–10 am, 10–12 am, 12–2 pm, 2–4 pm, and 4–6 pm. We will arrive between these times, because we are doing other jobs in your area.

Is there any warranty on the work performed?

Essential Window Washing will complete the job until you are fully satisfied otherwise we ll come back and do it again free of charge.